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    GrapheneCA 67 35th Street, Office C-250 Brooklyn, NY 11232 United States

    info@grapheneca.com 888-49GRAPH

    GrapheneCA is a green and economical graphene supplier and product manufacturer.

    GrapheneCA’s proprietary processes and technical expertise, and a growing product ecosystem allows us to share graphene’s advantages with multiple industries around the world.

    We are committed to the development of graphene applications which are commercially viable and scalable at an industrial scale.

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    Graphene applications are not restricted to the lab anymore.

    The material’s superior strength, resistance, conductivity, and flexibility are more accessible thanks to our proprietary technology.

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    Our solutions have introduced previously impossible technologies to over 200 companies around the globe.


    Mobile Graphene Container Systems (MGCS) are a complete end-to-end solution to the growing need for sustainable graphene supply. We help manufacturers install an in-house graphene production module.

    Each MGCS is modeled on our New York production plant and only requires a source of water and electricity.

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    OG Concrete Admix

    An all-in-one additive that imbues cement with the superior properties of graphene. Our approach produces results that surpass air-entraining admixtures and other additives by several percentage points on all metrics.

    This solution can be used as a rebar replacement in some applications, saving time and costs in construction sites around the world. It has already been applied in major commercial installations.

    Our product ecosystem keeps growing.

    We are the bridge between cutting edge graphene labs and local hardware stores. GrapheneCA uses graphene to manufacture practical and affordable solutions that were previously impossible.

    Our products are based on proprietary graphene isolation methods that ensure quality, purity, affordability, and environmental responsibility.

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    GrapheneCA Provides Graphene for Commercial Building in Mexico

    GrapheneCA's graphene used to construct first major commercial construction project made from the wo...

    Christine  Corrado, ProactiveInvestors Sep 26, 2019

    GrapheneCA Solves Scalable Graphene Supply

    MGCS allows industrial users from around the world to set up their own graphene production lines.

    Editor, Graphene-Info September 1, 2019

    GrapheneCA’s Unique Approach to the Concrete Industry

    OG Concrete admix improves flexural strength, crack resistance, water and chemical resistance.

    Jeff  Nielson, Stockhouse July 8, 2019

    High-Quality Graphene Product for Numerous Industries

    GrapheneCA is a commercial-scale graphene and graphene-based materials producer and supply company t...

    Editor, Investing News August 15, 2019
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    We believe the benefits of graphene can help many industries grow together.

    Which is why we’ve partnered with local distributors throughout the world in Asia, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East

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