GrapheneCA connects with the best at idTechEx

December 10, 2018 (New York City, NY) — Nano Graphene Inc. dba GrapheneCA (“GrapheneCA”), the company that develops and produces next generation 2D materials for the 21st century actively participated and used IDTechEx to connect with the best and brightest minds around the world to further building smart products with graphene.

Headquartered in New York, the company began proprietary production of graphene in July 2017 and uses a clean, green, portable and scalable patented technology to manufacture the line of avant-garde products it brings to the world.

Presenting for GrapheneCA at the show, David Robles, Head of Business Development, told the idTechEx audience that its manufacturing process is fully scaled up, low cost and meets industrial demand: “Where most companies think that in graphene the supply chain is the biggest issue, we have realized that the core technology to exploit graphene and fundamental scientific approach used can be turned on its head.”

“When we talk about graphene it is instantly high tech, there is no low tech”, he went on to say. He added: “I was there to meet people who can help us to make inks, sensors to make use of graphene’s unique properties to fabricate better, cheaper, smarter electronics that can be embedded in everything to provide function, transmit, shield and power a future where consumers can 3D print better quality tech products than anything we see in existence today.”

These smart high-tech features are what makes graphene a 21st century additive that does much more than improve mechanical properties of industrial applications.

The company touted an excellent partner program that drew much interest at the show and that it knows will translate into major collaboration announcements in the very near future, emanating both from the private sector and university circles.

“We’ve defined what we look for in partners and are in a lead position for technology, cost, supply quantity, regional and global distribution, as well as speed of delivery for scaled systems”, later added GrapheneCA founder and pioneering researcher, Dr. Boris Goldstein, who is currently personally involved in fostering exciting tech development partnerships in Canada, primarily in Québec, and who alluded to a developing relationship with Université du Québec à Montréal, to be formalized in the coming weeks.