GrapheneCA Increases Production Efficiency with Mobile Graphene Container System

NEW YORK, July 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GrapheneCA (“Company”), a commercial scale graphene producer and developer of graphene-based technology for industries and consumers, today announced that it has developed Mobile Graphene Container System (“MGCS”), the world’s first scalable, modular graphene production process.

MGCS is a next generation method that simplifies graphene production and addresses inefficient industry norms such as limited production volume and issues that arise during product shipment. Graphene shipping is filled with complications due to its features as a highly voluminous compound, which greatly limits the amount of product that can be stored in shipping containers.

With MGCS, high quality, ecologically clean graphene can be produced in-house, anywhere in the world and free of any weather constraints. Production only needs a water source and electric, diesel or bio-diesel power. MGCS creates economical benefits as a result of eliminating markups by paying direct manufacturer pricing, using a local graphite supply and not needing to ship the graphene.

“Think of Mobile Graphene Container System as your own graphene production line,” stated David Robles, Head of Business Development at GrapheneCA. “Producers will be able to secure a constant graphene supply and have greater control over their production volume and price. This process eliminates the reliance on third party suppliers and complicated logistics.”

MGCS is available in 40-foot containers that are designed specifically for industrial producers and high tech applications. The industrial containers produce a high volume of industrial graphene in quantities of 4 tons of powder or 12+ tons of graphene paste. For high tech applications, MGCS is able to produce pure graphene and graphene oxides derivatives, a much finer quality of product. The manufactured products have additional drying and quality control features that reduce the need for graphene experts.

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