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    GrapheneCA 67 35th Street, Office C-250 Brooklyn, NY 11232 United States

    info@grapheneca.com 888-49GRAPH

    GrapheneCA is a privately owned graphene supply company and graphene based products manufacturer.

    Our main production line was established in New York in 2017, with a second line opening soon after due to increasing demand for the material.

    We develop eco-friendly and cost-conscious graphene solutions that are scalable and commercially viable. Our processes and technical expertise, and growing product ecosystem are based on proprietary technology that introduces the benefits of graphene to multiple industries around the world.

    Rigorous Research and Management Team

    Over the past eight years, GrapheneCA engineers have focused on the development of high-quality graphene and graphene-based technology that is scalable and accessible. The result has met the challenge of integrating graphene into a host of real-world applications. Our proprietary products are exclusively available to GrapheneCA partners and customers.

    Our team is headed by peer-reviewed scientists and seasoned entrepreneurs who are committed to unlocking the potential of graphene-based technology on a global scale.

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    Our products solve important problems in concrete, filtration, composites, medicine, and energy storage.

    Cost-effective solutions

    A flexible production system brings graphene products directly to end-users, with no intermediary costs.

    Unique expertise

    Over eight years of experience in graphene development and graphene-based product manufacturing.

    Proprietary technology

    Our proprietary technology has the advantage of being high-yield and portable.

    Eco-friendly production

    The only green manufacturer in the graphene industry.

    Product variety

    A complete product line that satisfies both known and emerging graphene needs.

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