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GrapheneCA 67 35th Street, Office C-250 Brooklyn, NY 11232 United States

info@grapheneca.com 888-49GRAPH
About GrapheneCA

GrapheneCA is a privately-owned graphene supplier and graphene-based product manufacturer based in New York.

We’re the only company in the emerging industry to develop scalable and cost-effective graphene, based on eight years of research and three years of production experience.

The future of graphene

Graphene demand is expected to outpace supply for the next decade as the industry grows by 35% every year.

GrapheneCA is set to meet this need. Our proprietary processes and technical expertise, and growing product ecosystem enable us to support over 40 different industries with viable graphene solutions.

Our partnerships cover the globe, from Asia to Latin America, from Australia to the Middle East.

Request our investor presentation to learn about more opportunities.

Investor Relations
Peter Nesveda info@graphene.ca
205 East 42 Street New York, NY 10017 +1.888.49GRAPH
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