Mobile graphene container system

Mobile graphene container system (MGCS) is the first in the world scalable modular graphene production for offtake industrial commercial users.

Mobile graphene container system is

  • “Your own” graphene production line

  • Secured constant graphene supply without any delay

  • Independence from suppliers and logistics/shipping

  • Control over your production volume and price

  • Flexibility, time- and cost effectiveness

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Mobile graphene container system is ideal solution for

Industrial Production

  • Cement
  • Coatings
  • Epoxy resins
  • Composites

start at 1.5 tons/Month,
We provide:
20- and 40-foot modules
Maximum capacity:
12 tons per month graphene paste production

High Tech Industry

  • Sensors
  • Water filtration
  • Electronics
  • Heat applications
  • Energy storage

start at 250 Kg/Month
We provide:
single 40-foot container
Maximum capacity:
1 ton dry powder


How it works

With Mobile graphene container system, to start produce graphene you will only need:
  1. Power, electric or diesel / bio diesel

  2. Water source


  • You can produce graphene anywhere in the world under any weather conditions

  • Control the quality of product

  • Uniqueness of product

  • Green technology and zero waste

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