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    All the latest news about graphene applications and GrapheneCA’s latest innovations.

    GrapheneCA’s Breakthrough Antimicrobial Coatings Passes Primary Indepe...

    GrapheneCA’s Breakthrough Coatings Passes Primary Independent Test

    Globenewswire May 31, 2020


    Eduardo Tió, GrapheneCA, outlines the advantages of graphene additives in concrete.    Conc...

    Eduardo Tió , World Cement December 2019

    GrapheneCA Launches Graphene-Based Admix to Improve Cement

    The additive imbues cement with graphene’s superior properties to make it stronger and lighter.

    Globenewswire August 29, 2019

    GrapheneCA Introduced Mobile Graphene Container System

    GrapheneCA has developed a modular graphene production process for large scale, industrial use.

    Christine  Corrado, ProactiveInvestors Jul 1, 2019

    High-Quality Graphene Product for Numerous Industries

    GrapheneCA is a commercial-scale graphene and graphene-based materials producer and supply company t...

    Editor, Investing News August 15, 2019

    GrapheneCA Solves Scalable Graphene Supply

    MGCS allows industrial users from around the world to set up their own graphene production lines.

    Editor, Graphene-Info September 1, 2019

    GrapheneCA Provides Graphene for Commercial Building in Mexico

    GrapheneCA's graphene used to construct first major commercial construction project made from the wo...

    Christine  Corrado, ProactiveInvestors Sep 26, 2019

    Applying Graphene Technologies to Environmental Challenges

    Newly emerging graphene technologies are providing solutions to environmental sustainability challen...

    Melissa Pistilli, Investing News October 3, 2019

    Graphene Offers Numerous Industrial Use Cases

    Different industries have different needs when they’re implementing graphene.

    Editor, Investing News August 12, 2019

    GrapheneCA’s Unique Approach to the Concrete Industry

    OG Concrete admix improves flexural strength, crack resistance, water and chemical resistance.

    Jeff  Nielson, Stockhouse July 8, 2019

    GrapheneCA Creates MGCS For In-House Graphene Manufacturing

    The company says its 40-foot containers are designed specifically for industrial producers.

    Uttara Choudhury, ProactiveInvestors Jul 1, 2019

    GrapheneCA and Apis Cor Will Develop a 3D Printing System

    Together, they are expecting to develop a 3D printing system capable of printing graphene material.

    Finance Yahoo July 18, 2019

    Graphene Cost and Supply Chain Issues

    How Innovative Manufacturing Technology is Enabling Sustainable Graphene Production.

    Joseph Keller , Investing News October 15, 2019

    GrapheneCA's Graphene Being Used to Build a Convention Center

    Constructions that use graphene as an additive are anti-flammable and anti-corrosive.

    Jon Hopkins, ProactiveInvestors Sep 26, 2019

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