Grapheneca’s Idea Lab

Our partner companies have advanced access to implement graphene technology in their products today. This program is designed to help enable the rapid production and distribution of graphene products on an industrial scale.

  • Composites

  • Packaging

  • Medical/Cosmetics

  • Coatings

  • Filtration

  • Concrete

  • Energy storage, harvesting and production

Over the past year of product beta testing, more than 500 companies in over 40 different industries have approached us about examining the properties of our graphene. Our graphene-based products are now being tested by more than 150 enterprises from all over the world. We have no doubt that the implementation of graphene will provide our partners with significant advantages over the competition. Click on Solutions to learn more about the projects where graphene has been shown to have the greatest potential.

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Full R&D Support

If your company is looking for effective ways to leverage graphene, tell us what you think graphene can do for you. Our team will get back to you with ways you can effectively use graphene to make next generation technology. 

  • 99.7% Pure Graphene

  • Different flake sizes

  • Activated graphene

  • Assorted flake sizes

  • Metallic and nonmetallic oxide powders

  • Graphene dispersions

  • Graphene coated metallic and nonmetallic substrates


OEM/ODM Solutions

When your company is approved for partnership, we will work with you to: prototype for production, provide access to custom graphene formulations, supply graphene in high volume for production, testing and product promotion.


Proprietary IP

We ship our partners custom graphene solutions. Their projects solve real world problems and meet strong market demand. We prioritize complex projects that are patentable, with possible regulatory hurdles and a clear path to sales.


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