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    GrapheneCA 67 35th Street, Office C-250 Brooklyn, NY 11232 United States

    info@grapheneca.com 888-49GRAPH

    Join a growing network of pioneers who are looking ahead to a new era of 2D materials.

    Get in touch with us to find out how graphene can help your business, anywhere in the world.

    We will work with you

    GrapheneCA partners can start implementing graphene technology right now.

    We provide exclusive, industry leading advantages.

    • Production prototypes
    • Access to custom graphene formulations
    • High volume supply
    • Testing and product promotion

    Our partnerships cover the globe, from Asia to Latin America, from Australia to the Middle East.

    If you’d like to be a part of the GrapheneCA team, join our program to make an impact in your local industry with graphene technology.

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