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Project Description

Aqueous Graphene Paste product in a jar on the grass


Product contains multilayer commercial grade graphene, which is ultrapure, defect free, un-oxidized, and highly ordered. High crystalline graphene flakes are being produced using chemical free, green patented technology. Technical data sheet (TDS) and SDS are available upon the request.

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Product Feature

  • Paste color: Black-gray
  • Graphene content: 30.0-33.0 (wt. %)
  • Purity: 99.8%
  • Carbon content: 99.6%

Application Area

Construction industry

Waterborne coating and paint

Energy production and storage

Sensors and inks

Water filtration and contamination removal

Catalysis industry

Additive industry

GRAPHENECA Inc has founded an internet community–Idea lab–where scientists and designers can receive free samples of stable, top-quality graphene for use in their research, anywhere in the world.

Idea lab provides assistance not only with performing and publishing research, but also with finding customers for nanotechnology products and innovations, all while protecting members’ intellectual property.

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