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    GrapheneCA 67 35th Street, Office C-250 Brooklyn, NY 11232 United States

    info@grapheneca.com 888-49GRAPH

    Our products are the bridge between cutting edge graphene labs and your local hardware store.

    We use graphene to manufacture practical and affordable products for both industrial and commercial applications.

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    The ANTIMICROBIAL coatings and ANTIBACTERIAL paints that help to create an antiviral environment for years

    GrapheneCA’s proprietary processes The antimicrobial activity 99,99% in the coating was tested using the standard ASTM E2180 test. In other words: On average 1,000,000 of the colony-forming units (CFU) were placed on the surfaces (3x3 cm). After 24 hours we have a 5 log reduction: the number of germs is 100,000 times smaller.

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    For commercial applications

    OG Concrete Admix

    In August 2019, GrapheneCA introduced its new product line Original Graphene (OG).

    The additives imbue cement with graphene’s superior properties, improve flexural strength and resistance to water, fire, and chemicals. Our first OG products include OG Graphene Paste, OG Graphene Dispersion, and OG Graphene Admix Plus.

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    For industrial applications

    We research and develop graphene-based products in collaboration with scientists, tech companies, and manufacturers around the globe.

    At GrapheneCA, we have scaled up production of basic products such as graphene paste, graphene powder, aerogel, and graphene dispersion in epoxy resin.

    Aqueous graphene dispersion

    Diluted version of graphene form in water

    Aqueous graphene paste

    Highly concentrated form of graphene in water

    Graphene powder

    Dry form of pure graphene, un-oxidized, contains ultra-pure carbon

    Graphene oxide (GO)

    Unique water-soluble material from graphene-family products


    Carbon nanotubes are a tubular structure consisting of pure carbon atoms

    Graphene aerogel

    The lightest material, the least dense solid known

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    How to find us
    GrapheneCA 67 35th Street, Office C-250 Brooklyn, NY 11232 United States

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Find out more about the most frequently asked questions regarding Graphene CA products.

      What is graphene?

      Comprised of a two-dimensional microscopic layer of bonded carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, graphene is essentially a structural building block of the naturally-occurring form of crystalline carbon commonly known as graphite.

      What are the unique qualities of graphene?

      As the world’s thinnest material, graphene’s two-dimensional network of bonded carbon atoms allows for exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity at nanoscale. In fact, graphene is one of the best conductors of heat at room temperature. Despite being completely transparent, graphene is also one of the world’s strongest materials, remarkably flexible, magnetic and impermeable to most liquids and gases.

      What is OG (Original Graphene) Concrete Admix?

      OG (Original Graphene) Concrete Admix Plus is a unique graphene-based product that improves cement by making it stronger, lighter, and more resistant. Use with any type of standard concrete products available on the market.


      We believe the benefits of graphene can help many industries grow together.

      Which is why we’ve partnered with local distributors throughout the world in Asia, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East

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