The era of 2-D materials. The era of GRAPHENE

In 2010, graphene became the first substance in years to earn a Nobel Prize for new materials research and invention. Since then, graphene has earned a reputation as the super material of the 21st Century, and has been overwhelmingly cited and referenced in scientific literature and industrial news articles. In a few short years this wonder material become one of the most popular advanced materials of all time.

A single atom in thickness, completely transparent, thermally and electrically conductive, chemically stable, highly flexible, super strong and super light: the era of two-dimensional materials promises new horizons for many industries and in everyday life, offering a level of comfort mankind has only ever dreamed of.

Here at Grapheneca we bring the theory and experiments to life, producing, implementing and commercializing ecologically clean, high quality, multi-layer graphene and graphene-based products. In collaboration and partnership with scientists, tech companies and manufacturers around the globe, we research and develop myriad graphene incorporated products. At Grapeheneca we have scaled up production of basic products such as:

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Making the World Better Through Producing Graphene and Graphene-Based Technology

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