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    Mobile Graphene Container Systems

    Our proprietary technology has the advantage of being high-yield and portable. This allows us to make graphene-based manufacturing widely accessible with the introduction of Mobile Graphene Container Systems.

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    We've tackled the challenge of taking the miracle material out of the lab and into the hands of everyday users.

    GrapheneCA offers original design manufacturer (ODM) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solutions through its partner program. We are dedicated to the creation of high-quality, off-the-shelf products for multiple industries.


    Our products are supporting construction sites around the globe. GrapheneCA’s materials are high...

    OG Concrete Admix

    An all-in-one admix for any type of concrete. Our additives contain GRAPH2 Plus, a proprietary g...


    The benefits of graphene enhanced coatings are unheard of. Thanks to graphene’s hydrophobicity a...

    3D Printing

    Graphene has a role to play in emerging construction technologies. GrapheneCA has partnered with ...


    Graphene solutions can improve the lives of millions of patients. We’ve applied graphene to poly...


    Our developments with graphene sensors allow us leverage data for personalized cosmetics. Graph...


    Graphene’s ability to improve composites and coatings extends to important applications in geotextil...


    The new miracle material is an effective replacement for steel. As the first two-dimensional mat...


    Custom graphene formulations can improve a wide range of composites including polypropylene, acrylic...


    As a 2D carbon nanocrystal, graphene is suitable for applications that are unheard of in materials s...

    Energy Storage

    A superior conductivity of electrical and thermal energy makes graphene a convenient option for ener...


    Graphene’s higher conductivity can be applied to polymers for the development of smart sensors. Thes...


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find out more about the most frequently asked questions regarding Graphene CA products.

    What is graphene?

    Comprised of a two-dimensional microscopic layer of bonded carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, graphene is essentially a structural building block of the naturally-occurring form of crystalline carbon commonly known as graphite.

    What are the unique qualities of graphene?

    As the world’s thinnest material, graphene’s two-dimensional network of bonded carbon atoms allows for exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity at nanoscale. In fact, graphene is one of the best conductors of heat at room temperature. Despite being completely transparent, graphene is also one of the world’s strongest materials, remarkably flexible, magnetic and impermeable to most liquids and gases.

    What is OG (Original Graphene) Concrete Admix?

    OG (Original Graphene) Concrete Admix Plus is a unique graphene-based product that improves cement by making it stronger, lighter, and more resistant. Use with any type of standard concrete products available on the market.


    We believe the benefits of graphene can help many industries grow together.

    Which is why we’ve partnered with local distributors throughout the world in Asia, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East

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