We offer a large number of graphene products that vary in price. The use of graphene in a commercial product usually adds a few cents to a the sales price of the finished product. We provide sample graphene for use in trials, testing and product development for our partners.

Most of the time, graphene will have less than a 2% loading rate in a specific companion material. We have tested extensively and can answer these questions with certainty. You do not need to include specifics in the contact form. The partner program is in place to ensure our mutual intellectual property is protected.

It depends on the application. Advanced applications use exotic graphene alloys, specific flake sizes, activated graphene, and custom dispersions.

Graphene is notoriously difficult to work with. Our experts guide the process, delivering ready-to-manufacture graphene materials pre-mixed or ready for conversion.

Here is a sure way to find out: contact us, provide us with a test sample and we will report our findings for potential product improvement.

Our facility produces several tons per month and we can scale to demand. Reach out to us and we will provide you with a quote.

Graphene is a new material, and regulatory agencies around the world have taken different stances. For food, building, medical, electronics and cosmetics products, graphene often has specific testing and listing requirements.

If you are selected as a partner, we remove roadblocks to graphene development for you. Every project is different, but most development projects only cost our partners shipping expenses and the cost of a minimum production run.

Some projects take weeks, others years. For most projects we can calculate a realistic scope in our first meeting. 

Graphene is in its infancy. Every day new discoveries are made about how to exploit the intrinsic properties of graphene. It is the thinnest, lightest, strongest, most flexible, and highest surface area substance known, with high conductivity.

When using our graphene, your product will remain ecofriendly, as our production is 100% green.

We help our partners to access technology years ahead of its time; variations in the graphene market are natural. There are many low-quality vendors, and few high-quality vendors have high volume supply. Grapheneca is the vendor with high quality supply, high output volume and ecofriendly green production.

Yes, our graphene is 99.99% pure. We provide uniform flake and stack graphene; uniform disruptions; functional activated graphene. We have had our product certified for authenticity by top universities globally. (Link to CoA) In addition, our patented process uses no chemicals, very low electricity, and natural graphite that is tested to be extremely pure and free of heavy metals.

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