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    Graphene as a miracle material

    Graphene can transform entire industries

    Graphene is the first discovered two-dimensional material. It is a honeycomb sheet of carbon that is one atom thick, stronger than steel, and a better conductor than copper.

    This sets graphene in a category all by itself, leading many to call it a miracle material because of its groundbreaking applications in energy, health, construction, and electronics.

    Graphene as a technology

    Graphene is not a resource, it’s a technology

    Our proprietary solutions for scalable graphene production make the most out of the latest developments in two-dimensional materials. They are the result of a decade of research.

    We’ve developed a clean, closed-loop environment that avoids the use of harmful chemicals. This allows us to operate using water, energy, and natural graphite as our only resources.

    With this technology, GrapheneCA produces a variety of graphene materials including graphene dispersion, graphene paste, and graphene flakes with 99.4% carbon purity.

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    Proprietary technology

    You don’t have to be in the graphene industry to take advantage of it

    We’ve developed an end-to-end solution for in-house, on-demand, and quality-controlled graphene supply. Mobile Graphene Container Systems avoid supply chain issues and the need to hire specialized technicians. Our team takes care of the implementation.


    We believe the benefits of graphene can help many industries grow together.

    Which is why we’ve partnered with local distributors throughout the world in Asia, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East

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